Maggie Kelly

Moving back west, she prepared for her current career at Brown Institute in Minneapolis. After graduating in 1997, she became the assistant news director in Hastings, Minnesota. Since becoming the assistant news director , Maggie has become an accomplished talk show hostess. Her journalistic accomplishments include awards for her work on the Julie Ann Feil Story (the case of a teacher's affair with her student). In her role as a talk show host, Maggie uses her intelligence and edgy sense of humor to bring the modern woman's perspective to the issues of the day. Maggie is determined to change the world. She stands in sharp contrast to the stereotypical wimpy female journalist. Armed with a strong sense of right and wrong, Maggie is a passionate defender of progressive thought without being a "feminazi." Maggie is a true believer in the power of women's rising role in politics, business and journalism. In short, she refuses to yield to society's definition of a man-hating, token female talk show host.

Mike Osskopp A.k.a. "BIG DOG"

State Representative Mike Osskopp was nicknamed "Big Dog" by his colleagues in the Minnesota House of Representatives because he sat in the section of the House referred to as "The Dog Pound." Mike was born and raised in Milwaukee and his up-bringing still influences his views and values today. He attended Milwaukee Custer High School and after high school attended the Institute of Broadcast Arts. He also went to Moody Bible Institute-Chicago, where he received an M.A. in Systematic Theology. Mike is a conservative Republican from the populist wing of the party. Staunchly pro-life and pro-labor, Mike, now in his third term, was featured by the St. Paul Pioneer Press as the best floor debater in the House Republican Caucus. After early career stints in banking, professional golf and working with Christian Athletes, Mike had an opportunity to move on to his current profession- radio. Mike began his radio career as news director at KDWA Radio in Hastings, earning a "Best Continuing News Coverage" award from the Minnesota News Network. His varied backgrounds, as well as his role as a State Legislator, enable Mike to bring his experience and humorous angle to the news of the day.